Who am I?

My name is Timo Rohrberg. I am 37 years old and am currently living in Fulda. Before, I’ve been living many years in Karlsruhe, where I also studied computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), and for three years in Mainz. In the area of computer science, I’m particularly interested in the operating system Linux, network technologies and the professional software development. Since 2010 I’m working as a software developer for different companies – currently for the compeople AG in Frankfurt. The professional software development is one of my passions and it means to me being creative almost every day.

Besides that, I’m fascinated by foreign countries and cultures. I call myself a globetrotter and whenever there’s time, I’m traveling around the world – sometimes sailing, sometimes driving, sometimes just with my backpack. On my journey through Brazil in 2007, I got to know backpacking and am still loving it. After finishing my studies in 2010, I traveled through South America for 2,5 months and even after starting to work, I visited Costa Rica and Ecuador. When changing my job for the first time, I took advantage of a 2 months break and traveled through Chile and Argentina all the way from Santiago de Chile down to Ushuaia and Port Williams.

Well, and with all that traveling through South America, one may not wonder that eventually I got to know my girlfriend from Peru. In 2012 we met the first time for a language tandem in Karlsruhe and soon it was more than just language exchange between us. Since 2014 she’s living with me in Germany and since then we’re sharing all the great impressions on journeys around the world together. In 2016 we got married and spent our honey moon in Sri Lanka which was definitely one of the most interesting countries we visited so far.

Mostly – but not only – on my journeys around the world, I always loved to take pictures. In 2010, I started to take photography a little more serious and am applying myself to it as much as I can. In this way I can capture all the great impressions in the far reaches around the world for eternity…

What is this blog about?

During my 9 months internship in Brazil in 2006/2007, I blogged about my daily life there. It was meant for keeping in touch with my family and friends at home and having them participate in my daily adventures. Later it turned out to be a great way to remember all the up and downs during that time and I promised myself to do that again for the next journeys to come. Some further series of entries were added for a number of trips to Madrid, a sailing journey with friends in Croatia, and a longer trip through the east of Canada. However, eventually my blog fell asleep and on my long trip through South America in 2010 it somehow didn’t work out to keep up with blogging. It took me until my journey through Chile and Argentina to manage extensive blogging again.

For many years two main blogs were living side-by-side without being touched again after returning back home from the journeys. Inspired by some other blogs in the web, I eventually reached out for creating this mixed blog to join them into one. And since traveling is unfortunately not the only thing I’m doing in my life, I decided to include different content into this blog, too. From time to time, I’m hitting some interesting news about development topics or stuff related to photography. In the future, I will blog here about those, too.