Udemy – An Easy Way to Learn

Today, I made my first experience with Udemy, an online learning platform for professional adults. I heard of that platform quite often already from collegues in the area of software development, but I never had the chance for attending online classes myself – mainly because I simply didn’t have the time so far.

In my current employment as a software developer, I am soon changing into a new project and team. In that project, I am going to work with the Spring framework to maintain and extend a software system based on microservices. However, so far, I do not have much experience with the Spring framework and microservices and thus I have to study about those topics. For that, my employer provided me with the opportunity to attend a number of online courses on the Udemy platform.

And I have to say: I am impressed! I started with the course Spring Framework Master Class – Beginner to Expert and enjoyed a lot attending the first part of it. I gained the impression that one can quickly learn new frameworks, technologies and methodologies by watching those video tutorials. To me it seems much more fun than reading through pages and pages of written tutorials and with the hands-on parts, one can easily strengthen the gained knowledge in parallel.

So I finally arrived in the new world of learning by watching video tutorials and that course about the Spring framework will surely not be my last one!